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About Us

Highbar Trading Co. is a digital organization which distributes operational commodities with a low cost to serve using a technology driven approach to the market place. Instead of stocking thousands of items, we use a virtual inventory platform to fulfill the needs of our customers with next day national delivery and even same day delivery in some markets. By using a digital approach to the marketplace it allows our company to quickly expand into new product categories such as industrial supplies, packaging, safety products, lab supplies and more. Highbar Trading Co. uses 44 virtual inventory fulfillment centers across the country with access to 1000+ manufacturers from a single source. The company was founded by Justin Miller, Todd Miller, Ben Miller, and Mark Light. The Millers Light team has a combined 40+ years experience in Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Information Technology, and Finance.

  • Justin Miller


    Justin Miller has 15 years of experience in the Office Essentials Industry. During that time he held several positions such as warehouse/driver, account executive, Assistant VP of Sales, VP of Sales, and Director Sales. As Justin became more involved in the industry he began to make numerous industry contacts with Buying Groups, Fortune 1000 CEO's, Manufacturers, Dealers and Wholesalers. Justin is very involved with Make-A-Wish as well as many other non-profits.

  • Todd Miller


    Todd Miller has 10 years of experience in the Office Essentials Industry. Over the years he was promoted to several positions including marketing manager where he learned negotiations with manufactures and vendors alike. As he became more involved in the business he also began to make numerous industry contacts with government, Fortune 1000 CEO's, the non-profit community, business suppliers from around the country, wholesalers, and networking organizations. Todd is involved with Porter Leath, The Mid-South Food Bank, Agape, and many other non-profits in the Mid-South.

  • Mark Light


    Mark Light has 5 years experience in the Accounting and Finance fields. He has prior business ownership experience as an owner of a local startup steel fabricator. During that time as the Director of Finance and Accounting, he built the accounting and finance modules from scratch that were crucial to the development of the company. Mark looks to bring his experience in business formation and financial development to the team in order to take this broad line business supply company to the next level.

  • Ben Miller


    Ben Miller has 13 years of experience in the Office Essentials Industry. In the past, he has been instrumental in IT management, operations, and purchasing to help run the business efficiently. Ben automated and improved allocated purchasing from wholesalers, implemented right stocking protocol to optimize stocking/non-stocking product mix, managed relationships with manufacturer and representative group sales representatives, worked to solidify partnerships with key value add vendors, analyzed and managed stocking inventory, and worked to optimize data and order flow between entry, processing, and distribution.